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Gladstone is a software company, based in the UK, that provides business critical management software to the fitness and leisure market. A thought leader in this market for over 35 years, we pride ourselves on being innovative with our software to meet the changing industry needs.

We partner with operators and owners of leisure centres, sports facilities, universities and health clubs across the UK and Ireland. Over 400 customers and 30,000+ users rely on our software to manage membership, bookings, check-in, security, point of sale and business intelligence every day. Millions of members also benefit from our products by joining, booking and making payments via the web, smartphones or through self-service kiosks twenty-four seven.

Our aim is to deliver software that provides a complete multi-channel experience for the leisure industry, to maximise sales revenue and create operational efficiency for our customers.

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Our Team

Our team works closely with our customers and industry partners to ensure we deliver the best software and service available. With over 80 employees worldwide delivering software development, customer service, account management and project delivery we are dedicated to our customers and our industry.

gladstone tom withers md

Tom Withers

Managing Director

08451 271 010

gladstone jonathan christensen cs

Jonathan Christensen

Head of Customer Service

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gladstone claire holmes ho

Claire Holmes

Head of Commercial

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gladstone peter walker staff

Pete Walker

Head of Development

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Corporate Structure

Gladstone Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Constellation Software, Inc. and operates within the Jonas Software division.

Jonas Software operates over 50 independently managed software companies around the world, providing them with the strategic guidance and financial security required to be leaders within their respective markets. With our roots formed in the Construction and Club Management markets, our reach has grown extensively within the Hospitality and Industrial verticals, and today we are proud to be supplying industry leading enterprise management software and related services to 17 vertical markets.

Our companies provide real business enhancing solutions, which allow our clients to operate at a high level of efficiency. This is accomplished by eliminating manual effort, streamlining workflows, providing vital information needed to make crucial business decisions and most importantly, delivering real value to the products and services our clients provide their customers. Worldwide, over 60,000 organizations in more than 30 countries have partnered with Jonas Software.

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Our Software for Life Policy

As with any good investment, your software should continue to grow, meeting the ever changing needs of your business. It should remain dynamic and protected against time. Our Software for Life Policy is our commitment to investing heavily in our offerings to ensure you and your business always have the products and services you need to succeed. With Software for Life our goal is to ensure our clients can rest at night knowing that the enterprise software aspects of their businesses are 100% covered, forever. For more information visit www.jonassoftware.com




At Gladstone, we believe in customer choice and have joined forces with some well-regarded industry partners to provide our clients with even more value and business support. Our integration partners include:


Gladstone are pleased to be a business partner of sporta, the representative body for Leisure Trusts in the UK and are also long standing member of UK Active, the body responsible for promoting physical activity in the UK.

gladstone partner
gladstone partner

Data Validation

We partner with the following data validation companies to bring you the best in the market whatever your data requirements.

gladstone partner gbgroup copy
gladstone partner
gladstone partner

Payment Service Providers

Getting money into your business quickly and securely is vital. At Gladstone we work with industry leaders to ensure you get the best service and solution.

gladstone partner Verifone b
gladstone partner
gladstone partner
gladstone partner
gladstone partner
gladstone partner

Marketing & Communication

Engaging your customers is key to keeping them happy, at Gladstone we work with a variety of marketing & communication businesses to ensure you get the solution you need.

gladstone partner
gladstone partner
gladstone partner

Direct Debit Services

If you are looking to outsource your DD service then the two company’s we integrate with will be able to look after all your DD needs. They offer a wide range of services and will have a solution that fits your business.

gladstone partner
gladstone partner

Kiosk & Access Control

Getting customers into your facility quickly is key, each company we work with can help you get your users through faster and more efficiently.

gladstone partner
gladstone partner
gladstone partner

Procurement Frameworks

gladstone partner bramble

“Switching to Gladstone has allowed activeNewham to benefit from efficiencies and become an extremely agile business responding quickly to what our customers need.”

Keiron Butcher, IT & Communications Director, activeNewham

“The software, support and professional services we receive from Gladstone are always of a high quality. Any questions or issues we may have are resolved quickly and efficiently. It is also refreshing to see that Gladstone listen and involve its customers when developing new software solutions.”

Stuart Fairbairn, ICT Manager, Edinburgh Leisure

"Gladstone360 is the beginning of the next generation of Gladstone’s leisure management software, creating a robust and futureproof platform based on modern web technologies. It is both customer and user-focused in equal measure and paves the way for continued and exciting future development."

Ed Dark, IT Manager, LED Leisure Management


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