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Gladstone360 Modules

Additional product modules add increased functionality to standard
platforms of Gladstone360 and (Plus2)


Supersedes 'Contact Manager' to be fully integrated into the central Gladstone database for reliability.


Manage gates and turnstiles, with a choice RFID devices for building access controls and locker management.


Communicate with your customers, with native integration, booking, payments and cashless.


Make intelligent decisions based on fact and data.  EyeQ the flexible reporting module delivers the insight required to make informed decisions which drive operational efficiency.


Enabling Operators to generate additional income and save administration time, by automating actions and processes within the Gladstone suite of products.


Communicate is a bundle of 3 solutions.  Interact, Digital and Net Promoter - together they enable operators to listen and respond to the voice of the customer.


Make face to face bookings a thing of the past. Give your customers and prospects the option to register as a member and book classes online.


This new module replaces Contact Manager and is fully integrated into the central Gladstone database ensuring data integrity and ease of tranisition from Prospect to Member.  

  • Capture details of prospects and easily schedule follow up sales activity
  • Its lightweight design means that a sales person can quickly recall any high value information to make the sale
  • Easily transition the customer from a Prospect to a Member and simply switch between the other Gladstone360 modules (Contacts and POS)
  • Sales activity is fully configurable.
  • Sophisticated rule-based configuration ensures that the user is guided through sales processes thereby reducing the risk of error. 
    • E.g. a call closed  with an outcome of ‘left voicemail’ can then be guided through a workflow to set up a new time for a follow-up call
  • Integrated with eyeQ to ensure that management reports on Prospect activity, conversation rates etc. can be easily created.

Pre-requisities: Plus2 10.6 and Gladstone360 2.1.5

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Access Controls with Kiosk

Flexible choices to manage customer access into the facility. Our solutions capture facility usage by customers and record entry for management information. They can take cards and deliver tickets for entry gates.

Introducing Kiosk is like opening a brand new, fully staffed reception desk by allowing customer throughput and traffic to increase. 

Kiosk v2 - reception render all 3

Implementing a kiosk can reduce staffing overheads and, when used in conjunction with Connect, Kiosk adds even more value by allowing customers to collect their own tickets when they arrive for bookings they made online.

The solution also helps improve customer service by extending the location
of your reception desk and giving customers the opportunity to manage their own transactions at their convenience.

  • Pay for admission tickets such as swimming 
  • Make bookings for courts, pitches and classes
  • Pay for bookings
  • Collect tickets
  • Wrist band printing (Optional)
  • Book and Pay for your “Booking Buddies”
  • Process multiple transactions via a shopping basket
  • Link to Usage Subscriptions
  • Link to Access Control Solutions
  • Chip & Pin payments

Review the new 2019 kiosk styles.


Using an interactive access control system with the addition of an Odriod unit enables operators to capture enhanced facility usage via a touchscreen as customers use the turnstiles. It can also provide informative messaging for a superior customer experience when using a Gladstone enabled entry point.

  • Configurable on-screen messages - for a superior customer experience with informative onscreen assistance messages
  • Usage recorded by a product sale or virtual entry point - actions provided by question responses can be configured in multiple ways to capture more analytical facility usage data. 
  • Multi button question support - supporting up to 6 button per question. Multiple questions can be configured and enabled to numerous entry points
  • Interactive touchscreen - By asking a question at an entry point the facility is capable of greater patron usage reporting of their establishment.

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Short RFID lockers snack video

Cards and RFID  

Use a variety of cards and wrist bands with your access controls.  These can be branded and utilised as additional sales income to upgrade customers from standard issued cards to multi functional RFID bands. Learn more.

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Your own Branded App

Mobile provides a huge opportunity for Leisure. With the
MobillePro mobile marketing app solution, Gladstone customers can have their own branded app in the app stores (IOS & Android) to retain members, acquire new ones and generate new revenue sources. It's easy for your members to find you in the app stores and it's great for your brand visibility. 

Easy to use, Feature-rich

Customise the layout and design yourself from the MobilePro web cockpit. In under 1 minute, publish a News article with pictures and links and send all your members a push notification. Configure the Classes and Activites booking modules so members can book quickly and conveniently any time without having to contact your front desk.

  • Lead Generation - Your audience can bring high-quality leads with amazing conversion rates, great for acquiring members, turning mobile into a revenue generator.
  • Personal Comms - Deliver targeted, personal, lifecycle marketing with amazing delivery and response rates, much better than email or SMS communication.
  • Local Marketing - Run in-gym marketing promos, streamline club & class check-in & get revenue from local businesses.

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The examples below show the standard tiled App home screen layout, the other image shows how customer ActiveNewham have taken this a step further using the flexible design options within the cock-pit layout.

Flexible Reporting

The eyeQ reporting module is a powerful analysis and business intelligence tool that allows an operator to quickly query their database and to create bespoke reports and outputs to meet their business needs. With all the dimensions and measures you need presented in one place, deep product knowledge for reporting is a thing of the past.

This instinctive tool contains a powerful Query Builder
allowing non-expert users to create SQL queries froman
intuitive user interface. The queries can be exported to
Microsoft Excel with the touch of a button, enabling
the user to create custom data analysis, pivot tables
and visuals.

Better Together

When linked to Business Process Manager (BPM) and
the Communicate module you will be able to automate your reports and analysis, schedule automated communications and report distribution.

eyeQ Reporting Features

  • Browser based so easy access across your business
  • Quickly interrogate your database and create interactive reports and charts
  • Over 15 predefined workbooks
  • Drag and drop fields
  • Intuitive tools makes it easy for you to manipulate
    your data and present it in a format that you want
  • Design and store your favourite queries
    and reports
  • Query live data using a library of Plus2 SQL reports
  • Develop more complex queries with custom SQL
    Connect to your queries from external analytical
    or report tools
  • Export reports to Microsoft Excel and Adobe PDF

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Business Process Manager (BPM)

Every business requires software that can meet their individual operational needs. Whilst every business is different, off the shelf software can be too structured and restrictive.

With the power BPM operators can setup customised and automated processes which link with 3rd party applications to automate a whole range of manual tasks, therefore saving staff time and streamlining business operations.

Farewell spare class places!

Relax and Sit Back 

Many opportunities are missed as it takes too much time to identify the opportunity for a sale, then follow up with communication. By creating your own automated processes, you can relax and sit back whilst the system proactively communicates with your customers. 

Farewell empty sports halls!

Relevant and timely communications
  • Automation communications to customers who have used these facilities and classes in the recent past. 
  • Push out mobile-friendly messages so that customers can book with the bare-minimum of clicks.
  • Links seamlessly to Reports - create automated reports to generate actions or communications to your customer base.
  • Automated welcome messages for new joiners
  • Send automated birthday party reminders to parents whose children have upcoming birthdays and generate more party bookings

Let BPM become the heartbeat of your business!

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Unlock the Goldmine of Data

Three solutions in one!

Find out what your members really think of your club and use this valuable insight to drive improvements for them, using the Net Promoter (NPS) score.

An easy way to keep the conversation going when your members are away from your club. Deliver tailored messages to specific member groups automatically with email and SMS customer journeys.

The way to effectively manage and measure face-to-face conversations in your club to develop strong, lasting relationships with your members.

Why you need it?

  • Communicate with the right customer at the right time
  • Interacting once per month reduces risk of dropout
  • Automate communications
  • Measurable performance of campaigns and staff
  • Understand your customers better with NPS scoring

Communicate Features

  • Channel communication to customer’s preferred method
  • Drive staff interaction 
  • Measureable performance by method and campaign
  • No ISP Blacklisting through hosted service
  • Customer satisfaction survey tool
  • HTML templates supported
  • Twitter, Facebook and SMS integration

Prerequsities - browser connectivity from site

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Online Bookings

Extending your website to allow customer interaction is an expected customer service provision in today’s society. By allowing your customers to self-serve, traffic to your website will increase, improving awareness of your activities and promotions.

Online bookings, otherwise known as the Connect module is designed to allow your customers the ability to update and manage their profile, debits, view current memberships, as well as making bookings and paying for them online. The combination of these elements enables data to be more accurate and speeds up the time of debit collections.

Industry statistics have shown that by allowing your customers to update their data improves quality and quantity of information, therefore allowing you to market more effectively  to those individuals. 

Why you need it?

  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Improved cash flow due to prepayment
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • A decrease in the number of incoming phone calls
  • Free up staff time to be more proactive
  • Improve data quality for marketing

" The impact was immediate and within a few months we increased our online bookings percentage to around 40%." 
Lee Beckett, The University of Sheffield


Join@Home integrates with your website and revolutionises the pre-member journey allowing the public to sign up to memberships outside of your site via the internet on a laptop, tablet or smart phone.

The flexibility of the product allows you to design a quick and easy to process for your customers to purchase either prepaid paid or direct debit memberships online or to simply register there details for pay as you go. The software allows for special promotions and discounts on memberships, which can be programmed in advance

Join@Home lets each operator personalise the customer experience allowing for the club to make the process as streamlined or as complex as they desire and allow for bespoke data to be collected. In addition the style sheets of the pages can be easily personalised to your look and feel. Join@Home is designed to be responsive in mobile or tablet sizes and will therefore work hand in hand with MobilePro.

Why you need ?

  • Eliminate capital expenditure costs
  • Single point of contact for support
  • Reduce burden on IT staff
  • Reduce ongoing maintenance costs
  • Avoid being caught in the middle of IT and Software providers
  • Increase resilience of IT infrastructure

" We are getting around 40 members joining online each month, which represents around 28% of our total membership." 
Jennifer McGrath, Kirklees Active Leisure

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Switch to Hosting

Switch over from your on-premise solution to a hosted solution and reduce your IT expenditure. Our hosted platform is managed by RackSpace a Leader in the Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud Managed Service Providers.

  • Never pay for an upgrade again!
  • You'll always be on the latest version
  • Suitable for large multi-sites
  • Ideal for small clubs and gyms, ask us about GladstoneOne
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