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Gladstone Community

Welcome to our Gladstone Community; the place for you to interact with other Gladstone users, suggest product improvements, learn and share best practices. The Community is a forum that gives our customers a voice inside Gladstone.

Community users can post a suggestions and watch their peers vote suggestions higher up on our development priority list. Not only will you see how popular your suggestion is, but you’ll also get to interact with industry peers and learn from some of our super users. As well as getting hints and tips from other Gladstone users and get feedback from inside the company itself. 

Enter Community
(if you already have a Customer Portal login)

Who is it for? 

Gladstone Community is a forum to which everyone who has a Gladstone Support Zendesk log in is invited. Additionally, Gladstone colleagues will be on the forum regularly to monitor the progress of conversations and to help us prioritise our product development. 

Where do I go? 

If you have a Gladstone Support user name and password, you can access the Gladstone Community today. Simply log on as usual and click on “community” at the top right hand of the screen. Please be sure to read the forum rules pinned to the top of the page. Click on the conversation you are interested in and comment or vote. Alternatively, you can “start a new conversation thread” and create your own forum topic. Others can then vote or comment on your post. 

When can I get on?

The Gladstone Community is now open; come on in, make suggestions, vote up preferred posts and ideas from across the community as well as keeping in touch with peers throughout the Gladstone network. 

Why should I bother? 

Gladstone’s Senior Management team has a vision to make Gladstone a truly customer focused company. Each and every one of us is passionate about providing “Software for a Better, Healthier, Longer, More Active Life” But we know we aren’t perfect, sometimes we are far from it. We acknowledge this and invite you to help us improve on our products, services and customer experience. 

Post a comment, be honest, and watch as your peers vote it up or down on our priority list. We can’t change everything overnight, but we are committed to making world class products for you and your customers. 

  • If you already have a Gladstone Customer Portal login, you can start a conversation in Gladstone Communities here
  • Don't have a Customer Portal login? - get started here

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