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Customer Engagement

Improve Your Serve and Switch to Gladstone Software for Out of Court Customer Experiences

Create great customer experiences that enable your team to interact with customers at any point on their journey from prospect to membership to loyal fan and advocate.

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 Switch to Gladstone leisure management today, we can help you deliver a superior customer experience with effective engagement strategies

In a world where the customer is king, ensure you have a friction free customer journey at every touch point for your centre. Whether customers are joining from home, booking classes on the commute, to knowing that the showers are out of soap instantly. We can help you reduce queues at busy times, make a forgotten wallet a thing of the past with cashless transactions via a mobile top-up or self-serve kiosk. 

  • Tap into the 'trip advisor' culture, understand your Net-Promotor Score (NPS) improve on it, and see retention sky rocket
  • Use the power of mobile to run game changing digital prospecting, promotional campaigns
  • Mobilise staff from the constraints of a desk, switch them to conceirges armed with a tablet PC. 
  • Harness the power of self-service strategies to reduce queues and speed up class registration
  • Deliver memorable moments which turn customers into engaged fans. 

 With 35 years’ experience in the leisure and fitness industry, 1,000s of users benefit from our solutions every day to deliver stellar customer experiences and impressive growth strategies. 

“We got a lot of complaints from customers when they had to queue at reception and knew that something had to change. After going out to tender we choose Gladstone because it was the most flexible and cost-effective option for what we needed to do - transform the customer journey.”

Keiron Butcher
Communications Director


Go Mobile

The world is increasingly connected, consumers of all ages now check their mobile over 100 times a day.  Savvy operators are taking advantage, using MobilePro to connect with their customers, offer promotions and increase membership with social referrals 

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Turn your Customers into Loyal Fans

Do you know exactly what your customers think about your site? When do you know that the changes you put in place are to be celebrated? And what are the small annoyances that get under the skin of your customers? With Insight NPS get real-time customer feedback and improve customer retention statistics

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Go Self-Service

It's a busy world where customers have to fit in their workouts in a lunch break. Speed up the customer journey and re-deploy static staff as concierges. Connect with customers to handle queries and prospect new customers throughout the centre. Watch this in action at ActiveNewham 

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Get Course+ with Learn2...

Your customers love to improve their sports skills, whether it's a tennis course or swim academy programme.  Operators can easily manage complex course scheduling with our Learn2 software and become a course pro.

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A Healthy Lifestyle

As we all become more aware of living a healthy lifestyle, intervention programmes are rolling out in our community sports centres.  These require accurate data capture for funders, referrers and participants. Once through the programme these customers are more likely to become long term users of your leisure facilities.

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“I can be wherever our members need me, it frees up my day so I can spend more time directly with customers throughout the centre. The biggest thing I hear from customers now is how easy it is to navigate around the centre.”

Darren Darby
General Manager

Atherton Leisure Centre

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