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Member Management
Member Self-Service
Activity and Customer Management


Class & Course Bookings
Trainer & Instructor Bookings
Facility bookings & Management


Acess Control Software
Photo IDs and Player Passes


Sales Prospecting
Add-on Sales
Email Marketing


Point of Sale
Financial Management
Credit/ Debit/ EFT Processing


Extensive Reporting

Membership Management

Online Leisure and Gym Management Software

Most operators agree that managing members effectively isn't easy, but it can be simplified using GladstoneOne. With our powerful package management system, you decide on the rules for each type of membership you offer and GladstoneOne does the rest. Assign a membership to a contact and GladstoneOne applies your rules for prices, access hours, charges, payment responsibility and much more.

Functionality Includes:
  • Enter unlimited membership types
  • Add different rules for access hours, payment methods, duration and much more
  • Link members together for joint and family memberships
  • Manage multi-site access rights

Member Self Service

Our WebAccess module gives your customers self-service online access to many important functions that would traditionally have involved staff time and effort.
  • Company branded portal connected to your main website for client/ members to access
  • View contact details
  • Send confirmations and reminders by email and SMS text messaging

Activity & Customer Management

Staying on top of your member database and keeping in touch is paramount for member retention because if you're not, you can be sure your competitors are.
Functionality Includes:
  • Easy-to-use activity list and calendar to help manage your operation more effectively
  • View and schedule activities for other staff members
  • Schedule an unlimited number of calls, meetings, to-do's, emails and much more
  • Full contact history to show notes and outcomes of activities
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Class & Course Booking

Bookings with GladstoneOne is an integrated scheduling and resource management system that ensures your valuable time slots are filled without the risk and time associated with paper-based or disconnected systems.
Functionality Includes:
  • Sell booking packs and see how many have been sold, booked and used
  • Manage waiting lists, cancellations and no shows
  • Book classes online and pay on account
  • Add a live timetable to your website with Web Access

Trainer & Instructor Booking

Eliminate booking clashes and increase resource efficiency and profitability. Help your members to make more bookings, more often with this great GladstoneOne feature.
Functionality Includes:
  • Set up daily, weekly or monthly bookings of trainers and instructors
  • Member self-service booking of training courses online
  • Detailed reporting of trainer productivity
  • One-time or recurring booking of member training sessions

Facility Booking & Management

Quite simply, this feature allows you to centrally manage the scheduling of physical spaces such as class studios, assign invoices and accept payments with no more paper schedule books.
Functionality Includes:
  • Invoice and payment tracking
  • Daily, weekly and monthly calendar views
  • Colour coded schedule to highlight payment status
  • Member waiting lists
  • Print off class and course registers
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Access Control Software

Struggling with software which isn't up to the job will result in unhappy members and stressed out staff. GladstoneOne takes all the hassle out of access control with a simple, staff and member friendly Front Desk.
Functionality Includes:
  • ClubSafe - don't worry if your internet goes down, we've got you covered! Operators can still check in members and use POS
  • Get more members through your Front Desk with rapidCHECK split screen
  • Increase security and club rules, out of opening hours, expired members
  • Collect arrears easily by highlighting this at check-in stage
  • Multi-tasking allows check-in to continue at the same time as a POS transaction or booking

Photo ID and Player Passes

GladstoneOne quite simply gives you a low-cost, easy to use solution with custom designed ID cards.
Functionality Includes:
  • No expensive Photo ID software required
  • Cards integrated with barcode scanners as well as mag stripe, proximity cards (RFID) and PIN access
  • Simple check-in management
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Sales Prospecting

GladstoneOne is set up and ready to run for individual and corporate sales giving you the ability to instantly look up contact details, and at a glance, see all the key information you need.
Functionality Includes:
  • Easily upgrade prospects to leads and then to members
  • Set up contact preferences
  • Run reports to measure all aspects of the sales process
  • Work across multiple sites and countries

Add-on Sales 

Our software solutions provide you with total control of your package and series-based add-on services such as towels, lockers, personal training and more. No more giving out free sessions or paying staff for sessions not completed due to lack of the right system, or the use of a highly inefficient one.
Functionality Includes:
  • Create unlimited amounts of add-on session types
  • Add rules for duration, frequency and time versus visits
  • Sell individually, monthly or post-billed packages
  • Marketing and financial reports to track add-on performance


Using GladstoneOne’s marketing tools you’ll be able to identify opportunities and implement campaigns to rapidly grow your membership base. GladstoneOne’s email marketing gives you an affordable and easy way to connect with your members through email communication.
Functionality Includes:
  • Client referral campaigns
  • Free Trial conversion reporting
  • Membership and package renewal reporting
  • Demographic reporting
  • Send rich HTML emails with eye catching images and fonts to single or multiple contacts
  • Personalise email templates
  • Create and save unlimited templates for use by single or multi sites
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Point of Sale

Whether you have one site or one hundred, GladstoneOne’s Point of Sale features can help you increase spend per member and profitability with a system integrated into your membership management.
Functionality Includes:
  • Supports an unlimited number of tills
  • Create and track product types, categories and departments
  • Multiple payment types including: cash, on account, credit card, cheque, and vouchers
  • Generate reports: X and Z reports, Site Sales, Global Sales, EPOS deposits, refunds and returns

Financial Management

Billing and payments are one of the most important parts of any organisation, therefore GladstoneOne provides you with a consolidated source to track all your revenue in one easy-to-use system.
Functionality Includes:
  • Create BACS payment methods for each member
  • When one method fails, try to collect with the other to increase collection rate
  • Easily see member finance at a glance e.g. balance, charges, average monthly spend
  • Automated billing cycles ensure correct charges are collected on time

Credit/ Debit/ EFT Processing

If you’re serious about increasing your collection rates and reducing your costs, GladstoneOne can help.
Functionality Includes:
  • Easily generate charges
  • Enter charges, payments or adjustments for multiple members in one go
  • Run debt and collection reports
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Extensive Reporting

The in-depth reports allow you to analyse and report on all your data with just a few clicks in your favourite browser.
Functionality Includes:
  • 100% web based, no setup or installation required
  • Reports available for sales, membership, finance, retention, bookings and POS
  • Export to Excel and PDF
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Mobile Pro

Mobile provides a huge opportunity for Leisure. With the MobilePro mobile marketing app solution, Gladstone customers can have their own branded app in the app stores (IOS & Android) to retain members, acquire new ones and generate new revenue sources. It's easy for your members to find you in the app stores and it's great for your brand visibility. 

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