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Announcing GDPR Ready Versions

During 2018, Gladstone has worked to ensure that its products are GDPR-ready.  This work is now completed and the latest releases of our product portfolio will facilitate our customers' GDPR compliance.  To be clear, updating to these latest versions doesn't make our customers compliant with GDPR, but they will help the operators by providing functionality that will assist them in achieving compliance. 

For example, we have redesigned the contact preferences section of Gladstone360 so that our customers' clients are required to give their permission for each communication option.  This means that permission to email the customer for marketing purposes will have been given explicitly and not assumed because they failed to ask not to be contacted in that way. 

Because GDPR compliance is a legal requirement in the UK, all Gladstone software versions now include this feature.  In order to avoid infringing GDPR requirements, we would recommend that all customers who have not already updated to the latest versions should do so during the remaining months of 2018 or soon after. 

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If you have upgraded to the latest GDPR versions, Release Notes and Online Training can be found here:-

Access GDPR Release Notes and Training
This page is password protected call your Gladstone Account Manager for access. 

Get your Database GDPR Ready

Be mindful of the data you collect, the reasons you collect it, who is responsible, where and how it is stored. Our data services team can provide bespoke SQL and eyeQ queries together with reports to help you prepare your membership database and adhere to your data retention policy.  

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Managing consent and preferences following your GDPR upgrade
If your consent mechanisms already comply with the GDPR best practice, we can help you migrate your existing preferences which are saved in your database to the new member consent tables.  
Download this document to learn more.


Gladstone GDPR Product Roadmap 

Gladstone will continue to support customers who have not yet updated to the latest GDPR-ready versions of software, but please note that any subsequent patches or bug fixes that are required will only be applied to these latest versions of our products. There will be no further feature enhancements for earlier versions prior to the GDPR releases.

Due to the inter-relation of dependencies between the platform modules, pre-GDPR versions cannot be implemented in a mixed environment with the latest GDPR versions.  Customers' should also be aware that Contact Manager is now end-of-life and not supported.  This product will not work with GDPR versions, Gladstone recommends customers review the new Gladstone360 Prospects module. 

If customers continue to use Contact Manager in a pre-GDPR environment (not recommended) they will be doing so unsupported - Gladstone will no-longer provide support or bug fixes for Contact Manager, this product has evolved into the new Gladstone360 Prospects module.  In line with the 'Software for Life policy' there is no licence fee associated with a migration to Prospects. Professional Services time is chargeable.

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If the whole thing about GDPR has passed you by, look no further

Let's start at the beginning

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Gladstone has partnered with ClearComm, part of Kingston Smith & Partners one of the top 20 accountancy and audit firms in the UK, specialising in Data Protection Solutions, to facilitate Leisure Operators GDPR compliance. Our partnership with ClearComm and their expertise around data, audit and process management provides operators with piece of mind that they can become fully GDPR compliant.

You don't need to be a Gladstone customer to take advantages of the ClearComm services offering - its available to everyone. 

  1. Review the services offered by ClearComm
  2. Download ClearComm GDPR business brief