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Announcing GDPR Ready Versions

Gladstone has been busy enhancing it's products to better support operators requirements for GDPR.  Our latest versions have been built with GDPR in mind.  These versions help operators to adhere to good data practise.

Gladstone software alone will not make you GDPR compliant, thats why we have partnered with ClearComm. Compliance comes from a combination of a membership management system that facilities good data transparency, together with defined internal processes, staff training and an organisational culture of good data practise.

Gladstone is also providing a CBT course to help reduce training requirements for the GDPR versions.
Talk to your account manager for more information.  

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If you are a customer of Gladstone and/or ordered the GDPR upgrades, you can download the Release Notes and access the online CBT training. 

Access GDPR Release Notes and Training
This page is password protected call your Gladstone Account Manager for access. 

Get your Database GDPR Ready

Be mindful of the data you collect, the reasons you collect it, who is responsible, where and how it is stored. Our data services team can provide bespoke SQL and eyeQ queries together with reports to help you prepare your membership database and adhere to your data retention policy.  

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Managing consent and preferences following your GDPR upgrade
If your consent mechanisms already comply with the GDPR best practice, we can help you migrate your existing preferences which are saved in your database to the new member consent tables.  
Download this document to learn more.

If the whole thing about GDPR has passed you by, look no further

Let's start at the beginning

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Useful blog posts from the Information Commissioners office.

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Gladstone has partnered with ClearComm, part of Kingston Smith & Partners one of the top 20 accountancy and audit firms in the UK, specialising in Data Protection Solutions, to facilitate Leisure Operators GDPR compliance. Our partnership with ClearComm and their expertise around data, audit and process management provides operators with piece of mind that they can become fully GDPR compliant.

You don't need to be a Gladstone customer to take advantages of the ClearComm services offering - its available to everyone. 

  1. Review the services offered by ClearComm
  2. Download ClearComm GDPR business brief


Gladstone GDPR Product Roadmap 

Customers should be aware that Gladstone will in time discontinue (& bug fix) versions prior to the latest GDPR releases.  Customers who do not wish to take the GDPR versions will be able to upgrade to the last version prior to it's GDPR version release; to resolve support issues or fix known bugs. Standard charges for Professional Services will be required for all upgrades either to the latest pre-GDPR version or the GDPR ready version.

Due to the inter-relation of dependencies between the platform modules, pre-GDPR versions cannot be implemented in a mixed environment with the latest GDPR versions. The GDPR versions are built with the regulation in mind, have greater security and ship by default with security and data privacy settings switched-on by default, however Gladstone recommends that operators should not reduce security settings without fully appreciating the consequences to their business operation.

The recommendation for customers is to begin the fiscal and/or business planning cycle to develop their business case for the adoption of GDPR ready versions, for the reasons outlined in this paper

The challenge for many customers will be the cost and resourcing of services associated with upgrading multiple and individual on-premise versions.  Our recommendation in these circumstances is to consider switching to a hosted solution. 

We have provided two standard pricing options for Core upgrades and Web Services upgrades, consult with your Sales Manager for details, price banding is setup for Single-Sites and Multi-Sites.  The Learn2/Courses upgrade is on request.

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Both Gladstone360 and Plus2 (and GladstoneOne) are available on as a hosted solution.  The hosted platform delivers major benefits for operators around reducing IT overheads and significantly lowering the cost of Professional Service time, as customers will never need to pay for an upgrade again. There is no charge for Professional Services for the software operators already own.  The hosted implementation is on a dedicated, fully resilient, hardware and hosted in a UK datacentre.  Operators can be assured that their data and services are in a safe pair of hands with RackSpace, Gladstone's hosted platform provider. Choosing to move to a full deployment of GDPR ready products will be most cost effective - when implemented as a hosted solution, to future proof the Leisure Management System (LMS).

You can review an interim GDPR feature list here, details will change every day as our development nears completion, contact your Account Manager if you would like to know more.

Existing Plus2 "Hosted" customers can request an upgrade slot by contacting their sales manager.