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Smart, Secure Online Payment Processing, Like No Other. 

Optimise the way you process payments, find out where and how you can save money by moving to GladstonePay. With a single integration, payment service providers can instantly connect to a multitude of acquirers, alternative payment methods and eCommerce connectors.
GladstonePay is part of 
the "Threadneedle" platform release.

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Spend less time on individual integrations, reduce supplier interactions and spend more time generating revenue with 

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Our aim is to provide a simpler to implement and more affordable payment gateway for our customers.

Benefits to consumers

  • Standard and tokenised payments
  • Latest security through fraud protection checking AVS, CVS and 3D Secure
  • Email receipts

Benefits to operators

  • Tokenised payments proven to increase spending and reduce basket abandonment
  • Security - latest industry security standards with AVS, CVS and 3D Secure
  • Simplification and reduction of supply chain
  • A free of charge service to help you get a better deal with your acquirers, for example, more competitive rates and shorter settlement times

There are two ways to pay for GladstonePay:

  • Packaged - A series of packages based on annual consumption rate, allowing up to 2500 transactions per month at a fixed annual price
  • Per Transaction - Pricing is based on a fee per transaction, and is typically for customers who have higher levels of transaction

On average, GladstonePay is 50% less than PayPal / WorldPay, saving

  • over £200 per month with the Packaged offering (at full utilisation), and
  • over £600 per month with Per Transaction

For further information regarding GladstonePay pricing, download our pricing guide here.

The service is fully supported by the Gladstone Helpdesk team and is founded on Cardstream’s state of the art technology to deliver a reliable, easy to use and secure card processing solution that is Level 1 compliant to the latest industry security standards.

The solution includes a Merchant Management System that enables:-

  • Management of security preferences
  • Live transaction reporting
  • Virtual terminal for processing and refunding transactions
  • Option of standard or tokenised payments and emailing of receipts
  • Velocity Checking - payment transactions are reviewed for fraudulent patterns
  • Chargeback Reporting - the system quickly identifies and notifies a merchant of any chargebacks so they can quickly respond to alerts and disputes

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GladstonePay is only available within the "Threadneedle" platform release.
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