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Health Outcome Management

Demonstrate positive impact against your
health and intervention initiatives

With Health (powered by IMPACT), operators can analyse performance of health and intervention programmes.  The solutions' portal enables secure sharing of data between funders, referrers and participants. Health reduces operational administration and delivers accurate data analysis with granular reporting.

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The portals offer flexible communications with referrers, funders and participants 

Monitor KPIs in real-time and improve participant retention. The UK based hosted platform offers peace of mind with security and data sensitivity. 

Improve Retention

  • Send automated communications to participants and practitioners
  • There are 20 communication points in the system to enable flexible contact strategies
  • Send SMS and/or email reminders of upcoming appointments to drive attendance rates upwards
  • Automatically congratulate your participants on their progress based on their improved measures
  • Draw participants into owning their performance through the participant portal


Save 25% on operational costs

Whether it is reporting and administration time, or time saved by having practitioners working online during their sessions, Health powered by iMPACT will save time. 

Our clients are reporting that they can handle 25% more participants as a result of the efficiencies of implementing iMPACT, without increasing overheads. 

"In-depth reporting of KPIs and service outcomes is a fundamental requirement of all of our contracts and without a functional database we could not achieve this.”

Steph Shadwell

Performance analysis

Align your contractual deliverables with your expected course outcomes and monitor performance over time.

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Monitor real time key performance indicators

Model your own key performance indicators based on your business targets to track your core data, easily track items such as course completers or percentage of participants improvement, all displayed in a simple graphical dashboard.

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Share information with stakeholders via portals

There are secure login portals for funders, referrers and participants.  Integrated presentation tools enable design of informative and evidence-based data analysis to review personalised statistics and outcomes.

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Record case studies 

Demonstrate to your funders just how much of a positive impact you are having on your participants’ lifestyles and promote your business. The unique feedback loop enables collection of case studies together with tagging to the relevant course and outcome(s).  Record permission from the participant to share their story with your funders. 

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Mobile ready

Ease and speed of data capture is critical to the ability of a business to drive successful interventions.  Provide mobile capability to staff to capture attendance and questionnaire data.  Practitioners can also capture non-attendance and ineligibility reasons. With mobile responsive pages throughout Health ensures that your staff have information at their fingertips. Questionnaires, communication history, demographics are all available.

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“This solution adds rigour to our data collection process and gives us confidence in our ability to report back to commissioners."

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