Choosing a Hosted Solution

Why Hosting?

Never Pay for an Upgrade Again!

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Get access to FREE MARKETING with OpenActive

  • Gladstone has been working with the people from OpenActive to enable our Leisure Management Platform to share and publish class availability with providers like - Change4Life, Hoop, BBC Get Inspired, Ordnance Survey and others.
  • New customers to the hosted platform can receive this service free of charge.  Existing Hosted customers can sign-up for a small administration charge. 
  • Data published according to the OpenActive guidelines is free for anyone to access, use or share.   
  • You can see who has already made their timetables and opportunities available in this way by visiting the OpenActive opportunity dashboardNot quite sure what this all means, watch the video
  • Not on hosted yet, you can still register interest for OpenActive if you are using an on-premise deployment.
  • Read the OpenActive Blog featuring Claire Rollins, Head of Commercial, Gladstone.

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Re-balance Expenditure

  • Reduce the burden on the need for continual capital expenditure, move costs into operational expenditure and avoid the high up front capital costs.
  • There is no charge for Professional Services for software you already own.

Reduce IT Staff costs

  • No need for your teams to cover support 24/7 365.
  • IT doesn't need to re-create server infrastructure so there is no single point of failure.
  • Free up IT from the mudane of LMS support and re-deploy them on more interesting projects
  • Maintenance is easy, no need to carry multiple spares of every server component.
Work with the Best in Class
  • Our hosted solution is in a safe pair of hands with RackSpace.
  • We have a dedicated, fully resilient, hardware solution. This metal system is dedicated to our customers only, unlike a fully cloud based environment that is on fully shared infrastructure.
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What does is mean for You? 
  • Implementation of Gladstone Products becomes far more straightforward  – there are no lengthy 12 page lists of pre-reqs to meet. Essentially the question is “can you connect? Yes? Great – we’re done”.
  • Removes the red tape that can be associated with allowing us access to your infrastructure.
  • Enhanced support there is no reliance on your IT being available to allow us remote access. If your site has a problem with our software at 6pm on a Friday and your IT have gone home for the (bank holiday) weekend, worst case, your site or club could be without their business critical software until the following Tuesday morning, when someone can provide us with remote access. Our support team can access our servers at all times meaning you’ll never have this type of problem.
  • You will always be within 1 version of the latest release of Gladstone products.

Customers on the hosted platform are
75% less likely to call Support!

Source: Jonathan Christensen, Head of Customer Support, Gladstone

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