Apple iOS 13 Automatic Update

Apple Devices with Learn2 Teacher Portal 

On 19th September 2019 Apple will make available the latest version of its operating system, iOS 13. During testing with the pre-release version, the CAP2 technical team has discovered that Apple has removed a feature on which the Learn2 Teacher Portal relies in order to function properly.

Based on this discovery, we advise that if you are using an Apple device to run Teacher Portal you do not upgrade to version 13 until further notice.  Ensure devices are not set for Automatic Updates, the download will take place overnight and will potentially update devices without user invention. 

If you do accidentally upgrade to version 13, unfortunately, there is no way to roll back to version 12. If your Apple device prompts you to upgrade, be sure to click 'Remind Me Later' in order to stop it.

The CAP2 team has identified a solution which will be implemented over the forthcoming days and we will send out another announcement via email when a fix is ready to deploy.

If you are using an Android or Kindle device to run Teacher Portal, this issue will not affect you. Please continue to use Learn2 as normal.  The iOS13 update does not affect MobilePro.

In summary, please do not update Apple devices you wish to use with Teacher Portal to the latest iOS version until further notice.

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