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Computer Based Training (CBT) online familiarisation course(s) for a variety of Gladstone360 and Plus2 family products.

This table is for courses relevant to the GDPR release or later. See table below for courses on other previous releases of Gladstone software versions.

Plus 2 - Explore the changes made in Plus2 to assist operators with their process management in support of GDPR.

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Connect See and experience the General Data protection Regulation changes in Connect, Gladstone Software’s online booking application. Using this eLearning course, Connect administrators may view the changes experienced by end users and influence their experience.

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GMC The Gladstone Management Console (GMC) application contains a range of modules from security configuration to performing an Electronic Funds Transfer. Throughout this eLearning course designed for administrators, users will be guided through the core functionality and provided with step by step instructions to make the most of the application.  

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Business Process Manager (BPM) - Utilise the latest GDPR changes in Business Process Manager and ensure your automated communications are GDPR compliant.

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Gladstone360 - Gladstone360 now includes GDPR functionality to assist and support with compliance. Explore the changes in this eLearning course and learn how to maximise the benefits.

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Courses relevant to all Gladstone releases

Hosted - Make the most of your Hosted Environment by experiencing some of the basic functionality on offer. If your new to Hosting, follow the ‘Signing into Hosted’ course. Learn how to share files between desktops or manage Hosted account using the ‘Hosted Password Reset’ app. Launch Hosted 

Gladstone360 Prospects - Utilise the Prospects module in Gladstone360 to make the most of your sales leads. Within this eLearning course, you will be shown a range of functionality from creating a brand new lead to recording interactions and seeing those through to completion.  (pre-GDPR version 2.1.5)

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Gladstone360 is the next generation of leisure management software. In this eLearning course, you will have the opportunity to learn key functionality for each module including Members, Check-In and POS. Check you knowledge and understanding using the quiz options available for each module. 
(pre-GDPR version 2.1.5)

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Archiving - Safely remove unwanted data from your Gladstone database using Archiving. Follow the steps outlined in the eLearning and discover how to remove data including unwanted contact records, transactional information and even configuration such as products and subscriptions.

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BPM - Business Process Manager can automate specific tasks from managing spaces in classes to sending specific communications to customers. Follow the eLearning course and explore how BPM can automate and simplify everyday tasks providing a powerful  addition to your Gladstone software suite(GDPR ready version)

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MobilePro Using the MobilePro product available from Gladstone, build and customise your own corporate mobile app using the step-by-step instructions provided in this eLearning course.  

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Connect v3 to v5 For those upgrading from Connect version 3 to version 5, this eLearning course provides some detail around changes and new functionality.

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