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On this page we have provided some of the free software that we have created along with links to drivers or web pages for third party software which will be useful for managing your Gladstone solution.

GB Group Installer

The latest installer drive for GBG released 28/01/17

Click here to download the software package

GB Group Install TLS Fix

SEPA Analysis Tool

This tool is to assist with Direct Debit file validation for customers with a requirement for SEPA compliance.

Click here to download the software package

Dura Reader USB virtual com port driver

Dura Reader Model DRG3227-612UC is a USB connected device that uses the FTDI chipset and driver to create a virtual com port in Windows. This driver will need installing to allow the reader to be used with Gladstone360 and Plus2

The windows driver can be download here

A driver installation guide can be downloaded here

Alternative drivers and information can be obtained from the FTDI website...



MT650 USB RFID Reader

The MT650 USB RFID Reader is an alternative to the commonly used MT650 RS232 RFID reader. The associated driver creates a virtual com port within the operating system which can then be used by Plus2.

MT650 USB RFID Reader installation guide

MT650 USB 64bit driver

MT650 USB 32bit driver

Quantum T USB Barcode Scanner

Quantum T USB Barcode Scanner Driver

Quantum T USB Barcode Scanner Installation Guide

HSM USB Serial Driver version 3.4.9 for Windows 10. Applies to Honeywell/Metrologic scanner model MS3580
Quantum Scanner Driver HSB USB Serial Driver version 3.4.9


Serial Port Test Application

Download the zip file here

Use this application for testing serial devices outside of Plus2. This application can be used with:

• Directly connected 9 pin serial devices
• 9 pin serial devices connected via USB to a serial converter
• USB devices emulating a virtual com port

Compatible with Dura Serial Reader, Metrologic Quantum Scanner, Metrologic Orbit Scanner, MT650 read only Mifare proximity reader. Note: MT650 mifare read/write devices cannot be test via this application they must be test in Plus2.

Printer Driver

Below are links to selected printer drivers.

Epson TM-T88 Receipt Printer (APD_415)

Zebra TTP 2030 Receipt Printer

Client Mugshot

Client Mugshot V2 has been designed to operate with a range of Logitech and Microsoft cameras without the need for installing the drivers and software supplied with the camera.

Download the Client Mugshot Technical Installation Guide here.

If Plus2 is delivered via Terminal Services or Citrix, download Client Mugshot V2 for Thin Client

If Plus2 is installed on your local PC's, download Client Mugshot V2 for Fat Client

“Switching to Gladstone has allowed activeNewham to benefit from efficiencies and become an extremely agile business responding quickly to what our customers need.”

Keiron Butcher, IT & Communications Director, activeNewham

“The software, support and professional services we receive from Gladstone are always of a high quality. Any questions or issues we may have are resolved quickly and efficiently. It is also refreshing to see that Gladstone listen and involve its customers when developing new software solutions.”

Stuart Fairbairn, ICT Manager, Edinburgh Leisure

"Gladstone360 is the beginning of the next generation of Gladstone’s leisure management software, creating a robust and futureproof platform based on modern web technologies. It is both customer and user-focused in equal measure and paves the way for continued and exciting future development."

Ed Dark, IT Manager, LED Leisure Management


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